CR Speed

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Super Hi-Torque Range Belt

NEW The Super Hi-Torque Range Features:


CR Speed Interwoven Inner – CR Speed branded Inner Belt, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic CR Speed Belt.

Embossed CR Speed Belt Clasp Logo – an Embossed rubbed CR Speed Logo on the belt clasp for visual enhancement.

CR Speed Outer Belt Logo – a small CR Speed Logo on the outer belt.

Profiled Inner tip – a profiled tip on the Inner Belt to aid the threading of the Inner Belt through shooting pants belt loops.




  • Available “Standard” with all the new features and in various trim colours at no additional charge eg Black Belt with Black, Red, Blue or Yellow Trim.
  • Sizes available 28” to 60”
  • Proven Performance “Rigid and Durable”
  • Supplied with both Inner and Outer Belt
  • Shooter Friendly Velcro System.
  • Outer Belt available with Black, Red or Blue edge.


Beware of cheap imitations!  The CR Speed Super Hi-Torque range belts features have often been imitated but never matched in performance, durability and value.  The CR Speed Super Hi-Torque range belt provides a firm and stable base for all your equipment including Holsters and Mag Pouches.  Their belt is supplied with both inner and outer belt.  CR Speed is also the innovators of the “Shooter Friendly Velcro System” with the non-aggressive Velcro on the inner belt.


Competition Proven - Order yours Today!



Important Belt Sizing with Ordering Information:

  • CR Speed Belts are the specified waist size – length and have an additional 9” or 23 cm overlap.
  • Example 1:  if you have a 38” or 97 cm waist you can order the 38” – 97 cm size belt and will have 9” or 23 cm overlap.  The overall length of a 38” or 97 cm belt is actually 46.5” or 118 cm long.  So sufficient overlap has already been included.
  • Example 2:  If your waist size is slightly larger than 38" - 97 cm or if you want to or require additional overlap, you may want to order a size 40" - 102 cm belt - this has an actually overall length of 49" - 124 cm.
  • The pre calculated overlap applies across the range of belt sizes CR Speed manufacture.


Multi Mag Fit and Ambidextrous the Versa-Pouch is unlike any other Mag Pouch on the market, supplied with inserts that can be added or removed to fit a variety of popular pistol magazines. The Versa-Pouch is also supplied with a large retention adjuster knob, which allows you to make fast and easy retention adjustments. The ambidextrous design of the Vesa-Pouch also makes it equally compatible for Left or Right-handed shooters. 

Speedy retention adjustment fully ambidextrous multiple magazine fit "from one pouch" Easy angle adjustment and available in Black, Red, White and Blue - Quality construction. 

  • One pouch for a multitude of different magazines. 
  • Ambidexterious construction. 
  • The Versa-Pouch is available in many colours – to represent Country or Team colours. 


Versa-Pouch will accept the following magazines:

  • High Capacity STI, SV, SPS, Springfield Armoury, Para Ordnance, Bul M5, Kimber and Charles Dally Hi Cap etc.  Most 9 mm and 40 S & W Double Stack Mags, Beretta 92 and clones, Tanfoglio, CZ 75 and clones, HK USP 9 mm / 40, Springfield XD S & W, Sig Sauer etc.  Glock – All small frame Glock mags.  Sub-compact, compact and full sized 9 mm and 40 S & W models, Single Stack 1911 Mags.
  • Pink and Purple pouches now available 






WSM II Holster

The World Shoot Model 2 is the latest version of highly successful CR Speed Holster.  It offers easier adjustment and precise positioning thanks to their fully CNC Machined Versa-Hanger.  CR Speed Holster can be set up to fit most popular open, limited or production pistols.  The increased versatility CR Speed Holster offers, means you can get the perfect fit for your pistol.  Superior retention and lightning fast draws, means security and performance above all else.  It also features their new CR Speed Muzzle Platform as requested by many of their customers. 

  • Fits most popular Auto Pistols (Adjustable Trigger Guard width)
  • CR Speed WSM II “universal” will fit the following Pistols – All 1911 and clones.  Para Ordnance, STI, SV, Bul M5, Tanfoglio, Beretta 92 and CZ to name a few.
  • Suited to IPSC Production, Standard, USPSA Limited and Open Class.
  • Can be set up for the Left or Right Handed Shooters  - “Ambidextrous capability”.
  • “Lockable with Pull-Through feature”.
  • The choice of IPSC World Champions.