SOG Australia

Security Operations Group Australia is a highly capable and professional security management organisation with over a decade of experience in all manner of security issues.


Our staff are trained to the highest level and have experience in all manner of security scenarios such as:  


  • Close Personal Protection for celebrities, political or religious dignitaries
  • Cargo ship security
  • Maritime Security and Shipping Industry
  • Currency solutions / Cash management
  • the use of soft and hard skinned vehicles
  • Transport
  • Armed Guard Services
  • Security of precious items
  • Teams for All Environments - Air - Land - Sea


As well as comprehensive risk assessments we offer many other specialist services.


Matt Draganoff - SOG Australia provides Firearms and Defensive Tactics Tuition from beginner to advanced firearm usage for Security, Police and Military Operators who wish to advance their firearms skills.  Matt also offers one on one firearm tuition for Government and Civilian personnel.


SOG Australia have now been granted the state distributor for Sig Sauer (Sig Arms) (Dealer's Licence No: 328570X) by Xtek Limited (Authorised Australian Importer). Have on offer a vast range of fire arms for competition and all security sectors for civillian and Government authorties. 


The staff at Security Operations Group Australia is true professionals at their craft and is dedicated to providing quality security management strategies tailored for individual client needs.


As dedicated security professional we pride ourselves in our level of client focus and intelligent security solutions.


Being an industry leader in the security services sector we have a close working relationship with local and federal authorities.


Fire Arms are only Sold in accordence with State and Federal Regulations (Australia).

SOG Australia will only deal with Licenced Fire Arms holders with the appropriate class licence.



Our Philosophy.... the client always comes first.

Our Vision...........success through dedication and professionalism

Our Mission......... be the most renowned security outfit in the region.